B2 Beauty By Bella is dedicated and committed to providing exceptional beauty products made with natural ingredients to a wide range of customers.   I believe that skin care products should be natural, simple, and affordable. The products are naturally made with no animal derived ingredients, clean of harsh toxins and chemicals but also luxurious.  I hope to transform your skin with these products and that you continue to resonate beauty from within while projecting confidence in your own skin…..Bellas you deserve it!

Meet the Owner

Hola Bellas, I am Edi and I  share a passion for feeling good and looking good in my own skin…....  I have traveled the world and have lived in over 15 domiciles throughout my life.  During my many moves across the world, my skin was exposed to various seasons and climates, which affected my skin tremendously.  I realized that I needed skincare products that provided moisture, protection, and kept my olive skin hydrated and youthful looking.   I needed something that would enhance my skin’s elasticity, protect from the harsh cold, humidity, the blistering middle east temperature, and even from the harsh sand during those sandstorms in Iraq. My mission is to provide you with quality natural products made specifically to maintain a youthful, smooth skin, while moisturizing all day, empowering you to continue with your busy lifestyle pursuing your passions……reminding us that beauty resonates from within and it is a confidence we project.

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